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Double Vision.


Starting this Wednesday, November 14, I will be part of a studio portraiture project called Studio Viennoise. The project is organized by Photographic Memory of Egypt (PME) program at CULTNAT and further supported by: Office fédéral de la culture OFC, Musées et collections (CH), Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Egypt (CULTNAT). Tributes to well known as well as forgotten photographers will be exhibited alongside oral histories (videos) describing the practices of some of the “Last Studios” and current practitioners. A working studio will be set up which will allow me and a handful of other photographers to create a series of portraits based on their personal vision.

In my project, Double Vision, I will create a series of diptychs whereby I will first photograph the subject with a full studio set up and then they in turn will photograph me. For purposes of public engagement and photographic exploration I will be using the medium of the iPhone. The prints will then be edited in a digital darkroom and be printed on archival photographic paper. The aim of this project is to explore the visual conversation that occurs between the photographer and the subject. The project will begin the week of November 14 and end with an exhibition on December 17 of my work along side those of the other participating photographers.

Anyone in Cairo interested in participating in this project can talk with the studio at the opening or call the phone number on the information link to set up an appointment by clicking here.

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