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Field Notes no. 26

Sometimes you have photographs you just don’t know what to do with. Perhaps in a few months this one will fit in somewhere…then again, maybe not. So often many of the images I capture end up on the cutting room floor. Context, similarities, exposure, mood, etc all play into trying to choose the right images to send in or post on my portfolio or blog. This image here was from the other night outside the High Court in downtown Cairo. A peaceful march to the court was disrupted by a series of fireworks that went off at the entrance of the court. CSF forces then cleared the street with tear gas. Afterward many people returned peacefully and awaited members from the court to join them in support of wanting the president to overturn his latest governmental decree. You can read more about the clashes by clicking on the following link (here) from journalist Mohamad Adam for Egypt Independent.

The image above didn’t seem to me to transmit the exact feeling of what was going on outside. The images I did end up posting, which you can see by clicking on the archive arrow below, seemed to do a better job of the night’s events. So goes the editorial process.

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