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Keystone Pipeline II Protest.

Saturday August 20th marked the beginning of a two-week act of civil disobedience by environmental activists from all over the US and Canada outside of the White House in Washington, DC. Their cause, to stop the US State Department, and ultimately President Obama, from approving the creation of an Oil Sands pipeline known as Keystone II that would run from Alberta, Canada through the US to the gulf of Mexico (a total of 1,600-miles long). The daily act of civil disobedience is reportedly one of the largest acts of it’s kind bringing in the support of people like Bill Mckibben, actor Margot Kidder (both of whom were arrested), and starting next week reportedly actor Mark Ruffalo and others. You can see the plan in it’s entirety by clicking here.

The above slideshow is a highlight from the past week. Week two will be posted upon the close of the event on September 3rd.

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