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Reverb & Echo.

Reverb + Echo features photographs of everyday life in post-earthquake Haiti, and prints inspired by each of those images. The work is a collaboration between Keith Lane and Jenna Crowder, weaving a raw story from their trips to the country. The photographs and prints are made as pairs, providing two distinct visions of seeing and responding to the same moments. Lane’s photographs document the quieter areas of the chaos: a foggy mountainside, a rooster hanging out in a collapsed church, an afternoon swim near a hidden waterfall. Crowder’s prints respond to those same frames, offering more saturated interpretations and echoes reflecting the colors, textures, people, and politics of Haiti with typography, graphic design, and drawing.

In the basement space of Studio Gallery, Jenna Crowder and Keith Lane have created a dramatic duo show. Crowder’s work here is portraiture, rendered in graphite. The series began as simple pen and ink blind contour drawings as a means to keep drawing in her practice. The portraits slowly evolved into more complex, intimate drawings of friends, strangers, artists, photographers, and writers, revealing layers of personalities and relationships. Keith is exhibiting photographic landscapes taken from his time travelling both around the US and abroad.  These are images shot as a process in concert with his documentary work, though a separate and fully realized project of its own

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